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At Solyce, fly fishing is our passion and embedded in our heart and soul.  We live it, work it and would rather spend all of our time on the many Colorado waters that sit at the doorstep of our headquarters.  However, we’re also innovators and dedicated to designing quality products that the industry has never seen before.  And thankfully, we do need to personally field test every one.


Our company name is derived from the word solace which means something that gives comfort, consolation or relief.  In this day and age where we live hectic lives bombarded by information and plagued with stress, Solyce resonates with us as fly fishermen.  We are lucky to have such a passion that leads us to nature where, inherently, solace abounds.  Research shows us that simply being in nature reduces our stress and improves our health, and being a part of it - standing in a river, hooking, landing and gently handling a fish - delivers even more to benefit our wellbeing.  While it’s not the only reason we fly fish, it certainly is one of the most valuable to us. 


Since 2011, the founders of Solyce have fostered a culture around commitment to our customers, our products, to our industry, and to the roots of our passion - the rivers, lakes and great outdoors. The photos and videos you see on our page were captured by our team enjoying and photographing our adventures while living our passion.  And as a fellow fly fisherman, you’ll see how our commitment results in quality products you’ll love and unparalleled customer service.